Laravel 5.3 Overview

I am sure many of you who follow Laravel will know that it was Laracon US just a few weeks ago (July 27-29, 2016 in Louisville, Kentucky). I purchased a live streaming ticket because I was unable to attend the conference this year.

The website that is hosting the video has just released all the videos for free open access now, so get yourself along to and enjoy!

It’s also worth keeping your eye on Laracon EU which is when it’s rumoured Laravel 5.3 will be released!

Screenshot 2016-08-16 08.53.52


Some of my other favourites include:

Source: Watch Taylor Otwell – Laravel 5.3 Overview from Laracon US!



Prepare your Laravel apps incredibly fast, with various commands, services, facades and boilerplates.

I stumbled across Laracogs a few days back. I setup a test project to play around with it and I found both the CRUD and the Table CRUD to be really interesting.

I recently chatted with Matt Lantz, from Yab Inc, who created the package. Chatting in a PM in the wonderful LaraChat slack group, he informed me he is working on a version 2 of the package. This is really exciting because it looks like you will be able to pick from a few DDD (Domain Driven Design) patterns.