Molly Update


Molly (our new puppy) has been with us for a couple of weeks now. Its been a very interesting couple of weeks with lack of sleep, plenty of cleaning up and lots of learning (us more than Molly)! We are now slowly getting into our routine and I belive Molly is slowly starting to fit in and accepting our place as her new home. She met Jack (Fionas parents dog) who is still coming to the idea of having a small dog running around and Pebble (my parents dog) who totally loves having someone to play with even if she does not quite understand she is double the size and strength of little Molly at the moment. We booked her into have her second injection last Friday (so we thought); however it turns out that she has not had her first injection yet (which we were told she has had) she has instead had a booster jab. So she has had her first injection now and we have to wait another week until she can have her second injection and then another week until we can take her out and about. We cannot wait as we feel this will really help with getting her trained and fitting into a routine comfotably. If you would like to see some more pictures then check out my flickr stream using the tag ‘molly’. (I have also just found out that if you add /show/ onto the end of any flicker link you can view those pictures in a nice flash gallery! Nice!).

Molly Time

Today is ‘Molly Day’! I am excited to announce we are heading up Newcastle way to pick Molly up this afternoon/evening. Those who have not yet been pressured into seeing pictures of Molly, you can view some on my flickr site. I will, of course, be adding more as she grows. Fiona and I are very very excited! I might even try to put a video together and post it on my Vimeo site over the weekend.

Some of you may have noticed the old blog feed will have stopped working, obviously because I have closed the old blog. Well, I have just set up the new one so if you are interested in subscribing to this blog, either use the normal methods or use this feed url. Thanks.

Fiona  and I decided to go to the cinema on Wednesday to see the Hangover. I used to have an Orange phone when I worked at Applaud, so we got into the routine of going out for tea and then to Orange Wednesdays to watch a film. We drove past the cinema and noticed there was a queue all the way out the door and down the path. Neither of us like queueing, soFiona (being the iPhone addict that she is) immediately thought to book tickets online using her iPhone so we could pass the que ue and pick up the tickets from the ticket machine. Our tickets were booked within minutes, we passed the queue, and got our tickets. I have to say, it was a great advert for the iPhone!